Deja Vu


Full Name: Deja Vu

Alias: Deja Vu

Species: Robot (Time Machine)

Age: ~30s, Appearance (Aug 7)

Pronouns: He/Him

Orientation: Bisexual

Job: Inventor/Time Traveler

Role: Protagonist

Deja Vu is a sunshine of an inventor with a goofy smile that just screams hopeful optimism and wonder for science. He's currently on an adventure to find out what happened to his past, and who he really was, since he woke up without any memories of it. Unfortunately, the first people he approached were the exact people he should've avoided--but see, how could he have known?! Now he's on the run with time fighting against him. He's determined to find answers, find anybody from his past, but he has a funny feeling that he won't like what he'll discover...

toyhouse artfight

"Are you kidding? 'Crazy enough to work' is my whole thing!"


Deja Vu reference sheet
Image Description

[IMAGE ID: A character reference sheet for Deja Vu. His name, pronouns, age, and species are written above the drawn portion. Above his name is a row of his color scheme.

Beneath the name is a fullbody of Deja Vu standing and smiling at the fourth wall. To the right of this is two halfbodies. One of these is Deja with his left arm removed from the shoulder. He's holding his arm with his other arm, and this detached arm is scratching his head while he's deep in thought. His goggles are on the top of his head. His antennae form a question mark on his head. One of the other halfbodies is Deja facing the front with his suit open, showing his chest and abdomen. To the right of these halfbodies is a fullbody of Deja running with perspective. His boots are activated, leaving trails while he's running.

There are design notes around these flat-colored renders:

  • pomp swirl is always counter-clockwise
  • "clothes" are made of metal
  • fuel gauges can be seen in inner and outer side of boots
  • rubberhose-like arms
  • antennae emotes with him
  • arms can be detached from spherical shoulders
  • coat protects energy core
  • goggles optional
  • boots are straight, but legs bend like arms
  • activated boot soles release fuel trails (inactive soles are colored brown like inside of heel)
  • fuel trails are yellow, can use any blending effect


Designer: me!

Height: 5'11"

Body Type: Geometric, Broad Shoulders, Thin Waist

Symbolism: Hourglass, Time-related, Gears


  • NO: NSFW/Nudity, Extreme Gore
  • YES: Character Interactions (Canon / Noncanon / With your ocs), Violence?
Physical Description

Deja Vu is a yellow humanoid robot. His rectangular head has his "jawbones" pronounced at his cheeks. His triangular nose, pupils, and tongue are colored teal. He has a brown rectangular pompadour that is made of metal. There are two antennae at the back of his head that change shape depending on his expression. He has a tooth gap in the middle. He wears his yellow-tinted goggles most of the time.

His default clothes are also made of metal. His suit has a division in the middle, where it can be opened to reveal his chest and abdomen. At the center of his chest is a round core. He has a brown belt on his waist, and his hip part is colored teal.

His shoulders are spherical, and his noodle arms can slide on the shoulders' surfaces at any angle. His arms and legs are striped yellow and brown. His gloves are white with yellow cuffs, and his fingers are segmented. His boots are colored teal with yellow cuffs, and they reach until the top of his knees. There are gauges at the sides of his boots, which indicates the amount of fuel he has for each boot. The soles are yellow, and when it's activated, it glows. His boots are segmented by the ankles.


TL;DR: A happy robot man is carrying the Horrors on his back. And he tries his best to stay silly

Deja Vu is consistently enthusiastic and optimistic, always with a strong drive for sating his curiosity. He's quite hyperactive and loves being dramatic whenever he can. He's very smart and he's a quick improviser when the going gets tough, but sometimes he can get clumsy when his nerves get the best of him. He's also a goofball who doesn't take things as seriously as they should be most of the time. This often gets him in a lot of trouble, and he tends to avoid them by running away. He can get easily distracted with many things and he's prone to making poor decisions. He usually finds a way to fix them in the end, but it doesn't change the fact that he's always making things harder for himself for no reason.

He cares deeply for his friends, or even acquaintances. Even if he's not the most tactful person in the room, he's very verbally and physically affectionate and he shows his love through acts of service. Sometimes, he can be a bit selfish, but the last thing he wants to do is to hurt those he cares about. He's starting to realize his carelessness is a big problem with that, though. He sometimes trusts too easily...but without anything else to hold on to, he needs someone to talk to. Anyone. Please.


  • old sci-fi literature
  • time travel
  • vintage aesthetics
  • cats
  • inventing


  • losing his body parts
  • forgetting his memories
  • responsibility


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Deja Vu with the lyrics to Yours Truly 2095 beside him

jul 21, 2022 • art by Solobodor • artfight '22 attack

used as the profile's banner art and Deja's picture on the LOATM homepage! One of my favorite Deja pictures hands DOWN

Deja Vu with an outstretched arm framed by solid colors

apr 18, 2023 • art by slimespecter • art trade

Used as a side image in this profile!! So awesome!

Halfbodies of Deja Vu, Theia, and Oliz in a banner

nov 29, 2022 • art by Solobodor • gift

Used as the banner for the LOATM pages! Frankie is spoiling me with all these good arts

Deja Vu running away from Theia and Oliz driving a car

jul 30, 2023 • art by Milfhunter69420 • artfight '23 attack

Ahh so cool!! Used as a decorative image in the LOATM homepage!

Halfbodies of Deja Vu, Theia, and Oliz smiling

jul 2, 2023 • art by cytoplasm • artfight '23 attack

Used as a decorative image on the LOATM homepage!

Deja Vu looking at the audience over his shoulder

nov 25, 2022 • art by me

The card I made for this story! It was fun designing the logo.

Sketchpage of Deja Vu colored in a color pencil-style

sept 1, 2023 • art by me

Just some sketches I made of my guy! I wanted to try out something different with the coloring. Surprisingly enough, I still have some trouble drawing Deja's face, and this was also a test for something that helped me draw him better.

Deja Vu crying and holding his head

may 4, 2023 • art by me

Inspired by Will Wood's Against the Kitchen Floor. It's a very Deja song...and I also wanted to suffer a bit, no biggie.

Deja Vu comic about exes

sept 14, 2021 • art by me

Comic about Deja Vu's incredible romantic escapades. Based on that joke in Gravity Falls. I remember making this in a stressful stupor because I was stressed about my school things.

Deja Vu holding out and smiling to the audience

aug 7, 2021 • art by me

One of the very first artworks I made while I was brainstorming the plot for the first time! This was drawn on his birthday, which I completely forgot about!



...I...I don't know...

"Even with everything that happened...I don't...I just want to talk to him, you know? He's...he's not in a great position right now. But,, this is hard."


friend / colleague

"She's so silly! I love talking to her about a lot of stuff. I feel like she's hiding something. I want her to feel safe enough to tell me things..."


ex-boss / enemy

"OH. NO!"


ex-colleague / enemy

"Look she was cool, and she even laughed at my jokes! At least, before I started going out with--I mean! That's not important! Her dad wants to disassemble me and I don't want anything to do with them now!"


ex-colleague / enemy

"Zen was really nice too, I loved it when we talked about tech stuff! But now xe's out to get my ass along with the rest of them!"


ex-colleague / enemy

"Darcy and I got along very well, at least when I worked with him...I'm sure he's after me too..."



"It's in the back of my head but I can't...I can't remember anything...They sound so...familiar..."

Author's Notes

Give it up for my silliest guy ever!!! The fella who started out as an Inside Out fancharacter has evolved into something uniquely him...and spawned one of my favorite passion projects to date. No words can describe how much I love him so, so much. He contains multitudes. There's a lot of my own traits that I've crammed into this guy's brain.